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Cover Letter

Michael Ambery

2841 Dewdney Ave.


Victoria, BC V8R 3M5

November 18, 2019


Ms. Broadhead

Manager of Human Resource Services

School District #61

556 Boleskine Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 1E8


Dear Ms. Broadhead,


I am applying for the Educational Assistant (EA) spareboard position in the Greater Victoria School District. I learned about this opening through my Camosun instructor Asha Rao and found it online. As I have demonstrated in my practicums and education, I will bring to you a sincere work ethic and enthusiasm towards my students derived from a desire to support them to make the most of their school experiences.

In my EA practicum, I have developed various interpersonal skills by supporting a student with behavioral challenges. By building rapport with my student, I facilitated the development of a milieu of trust between us. As a result, we were able to reason together about how he would achieve his learning goals. My interpersonal sensitivity is reflected in my achievements: I received the Andrea Van Rheenen EACS Certificate Award given to someone in my college program who inspires others to see the “person within.” In my practicum, I also developed problem-solving skills: I comprehensively researched and then implemented reading support strategies that were personalized to my student’s reading level as well as interests. I developed comprehensive technical skills as well: I am familiar with Google Drive, Docs, and Classroom and am trained to provide personal care. Through all of this, my commitment to excellence is reflected in my grades: I completed my college program with awards, a perfect GPA of 9.0, Dean’s Honour Roll standing, and a 95% average. 

I am excited to work for the Greater Victoria School District because I love being part of a team that is dedicated to the truly noble cause of supporting students to access opportunities in their lives. Life is hard, and students need support along the journey. I want to be such a support: one that encourages resourcefulness, self-determination and hope.

Thank you Mr. Brandon for your time and your consideration of my application. At your discretion, please contact me to arrange a convenient time for an interview; I will also follow up on my application by phone to discuss my qualifications.



Michael Ambery  

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