Where I Stand &

My Aspirations for the Future

          The last two years have been significant milestones for me: In 2017, I began Camosun College and since then I have been more creative, worked more hours a week, and received higher grades than ever before in my life. Earlier this year, I completed the Educational Assistant and Community Support program with awards and a perfect GPA. Now I am enrolled in year two of the bridge program Community, Family & Child studies. I am growing everyday and find myself aspiring to develop in two interrelated areas within my program: counselling and special education. Both disciplines share the same goal: helping individuals to overcome adversity and thrive through their developing strengths. This goal drove my practicum experience as an educational assistant (EA). As I continue my education, I hope to expand on the skills and accomplishments I have already acquired. I aspire to become a more competent EA and eventually a competent professional in a discipline requiring further training: I plan to eventually attend the University of Victoria (UVic) in order to pursue a Master of Education in counselling or in special education. If I pursue counselling I will need to complete the Child and Youth Care (CYC) Bachelor degree program at UVic; if I pursue education, in addition to UVic’s CYC program I will need to complete the Teacher Education Professional Develop Program at Simon Fraser University. To accompany these academic aspirations, I wish to devote a sincere effort to my creative art. I will pursue this goal at a quieter time in my life, after I have completed my formal education.

In my Community Support and Educational Assistant Program at Camosun College, I completed this plan for my future. It is called a PATH project (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) and it is often used with persons with disabilities.

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