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  • Awarded the Andrea Van Rheenen EACS Certificate Award by Camosun College given to someone who shows dedication and leadership in supporting people who have significant challenges, and through his/her actions, inspires others to see the "person within." 

  • Completed the Community Support and Educational Assistant (CSEA) Program at Camosun College on June 14th, 2019 with Dean’s Honour Roll standing, a perfect GPA of 9.0, and a 95% average

  • One practicum away from completing the Community, Family, & Child Studies (CFCS) Program at Camosun College. All graded courses completed; Dean’s Honour Roll standing, GPA of 8.926 out of 9.0, and a 93% average

  • Six years of part-time work with persons with disabilities as a Respite Worker for the Queen Alexandra Foundation

  • Demonstrated interpersonal competencies by giving and guiding an artwork presentation and discussion with approximately 10 persons with disabilities in my practicum placement at The Garth Homer Society




Community, Family and Child Studies                                                                                           Sep. 2019 - Jun. 2020

Camosun College, Victoria, B.C.

  • GPA of 8.926 out of 9.0; Dean’s Honour Roll

   Relevant Courses:

  • CFCS 120 - Lifespan Development

  • PSYC 256 - Introduction to Counselling


Community Support and Educational Assistance                                                                     Sep. 2017 - Jun. 2019

Camosun College, Victoria, B.C.

  • Awarded the Andrea Van Rheenen EACS Certificate Award

  • GPA of 9.0 out of 9.0; Dean’s Honour Roll

  Relevant Courses:

  • CSEA 160 - Citizenship & Quality of Life

  • PSYC 154 - Interpersonal Skills

  • CSEA 120 - Health and Wellness (personal care training)


  • The Garth Homer Society - Practicum 

  • Oaklands Elementary School - Practicum

    • Received an award for my thoughtful reflections and analysis of practicum experiences 


Major in Visual Arts (2 years completed).                                                                                    Sep. 2005 - Dec. 2008

The University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.



2019 - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention CPI Blue Card certification

2018 - Renewal of Standard First Aid CPR C certification

2018 - Occupational First Aid Level 1




Interpersonal Skills

  • Co-led a group of 20 in drama activities that strengthened social skills

  • Built rapport and implemented collaborative learning strategies with a child with behavioural challenges in a school setting

  • Using the SOAP method, I documented an out-trip with a client to his place of work.

  • Supervised night cleaners in their duties and encouraged a sense of team spirit


Problem-solving Skills

  • Developed an accessible job-task manual for a person with disabilities volunteering as a car washer at a luxury-car dealership.

  • Developed augmentative communication tools/strategies with team: a picture-symbol to vocabulary vocalization game

  • Resolved disputes with children through empathic dialogue and collaborate decision making If unsuccessful, referred students to more qualified teaching and administrative staff


Hard Skills

  • Culinary and baking skills, for example, salmon souffle, Greek salad, and cheesecake

  • Received college training in personal care i.e. in CSEA 120 - Health and Wellness

  • Accomplished artist who can teach watercolour, calligraphy & photography, please review my work here on my resume portfolio website: Please open the menu option, "Inspired Artist". 




Respite Worker                                                                                                                                    Jun. 2002 to Mar. 2008

Queen Alexandra Foundation, Victoria, B.C.

  • Provided personal care for two children, both with Muscular Dystrophy and Autism

  • Demonstrated interpersonal competency by exercising active listening and conflict management skills with child with Asperger syndrome

  • Provided caretaking support for children with disabilities on out-trips in the community




Photographer - Personal contracts                                                                                                           Mar. 2010 - Present

  • Family portraits & weddings


Counsellor - Operation Trackshoes, Victoria, B.C.                                                                        Jun. 2009 - June. 2017

  • Supported persons with disabilities in social and recreational activities during annual three-day event


Art Group Facilitator - OUR Place Society, Victoria, B.C.                                                        Sep. 2014 - Mar. 2015 

  • Facilitated an art group for vulnerable citizens

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